Welcome to Shrugged.org, brought to you by a former software industry executive and a medical professional who decided to “shrug”.  For those that don’t know, shrugging is a reference to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, where the productive members of society decided they would no longer spend their life working for the looters.

We became tired of working 60-80 hour weeks only to end up having spent a substantial portion of the year working to pay taxes so our produced wealth could be transferred to people who made poor choices in life or just don’t bother to work.  It took many years to overcome our innate work ethic and professional drive and decide to relax and no longer feed the looters.  Not to mention, we now spend much more time with our children and juggle child-care duties ourselves, instead of paying a significant sum for in-home child care.

We’ve always earned a fair amount of money, but were never caught up in material goods and ended up with a substantial amount savings with a goal of early retirement. Unfortunately, those who save in the United States are punished by a Federal Reserve with the absolutely insane policy of intentionally causing inflation to silently and effortlessly diminish the value of savings.  With our incomes down substantially, we’ll no longer be contributing as much to the system that enslaves us.

We still work part time to cover our expenses and live ‘well enough’ but have decided to cut our expenses and become more educated by becoming more self-sufficient – gardening, hunting, carpentry, home and car repairs and enjoy some of the fruits of our labors.

This site will consist of our eccentric ramblings and product reviews, primarily of unusual or politically incorrect products aimed at helping us become more self-sufficient, better prepared for a potential financial collapse of the country, and of course things that we enjoy.

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