I’ve been wanting an AR-10 style rifle for a long time. Although I used to play with HK-91s in college, I hadn’t had a semi-auto in 7.62×51 for many years until I bought an M14 last year. After experiencing amazing accuracy and reliability out of that platform, I became more eager to see what an ultra-modern AR-10 style rifle could do.

I’ve researched the Armalite vs. DPMS architectures and the pros and cons of each. Armalite style rifles appear to be a little beefier with heavier duty bolt carrier groups. DPMS pattern rifles, however, have the advantage of using inexpensive and reliable MagPul P-MAG magazines. Enter Mega Arms and their MA-TEN matched receiver pairs. Mega Arms claims is is the most flexible receiver and can use a variety of parts of either the Armalite design or the DPMS design.

Most people seem to use the beefier Armalite barrel extension and bolt carrier group along with the more common DPMS barrel nut for maximum handguard flexibility. That’s currently my goal, though I only own the receiver set thus far.

In future posts, I’ll document my part choices and reasoning and provide pictures of the build process.

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Mega Arms MA-TEN Build

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