The idea of this blog has been a long time in the making.  With all the lifestyle changes we’ve made in the last few years, and things we’ve learned (and hoping to learn!), we’re hoping this blog is a way to share with others who may be contemplating many of the same changes.

Ellis and I grew up in suburbia, transplanted ourselves across the country to another urban/suburban area, and after 10 years (and 4 kids) decided that it would be best for our family to get out of the city and find a slower pace of life.  We moved to a small, rural town nearly 3 years ago.  Jobs are harder to come by here, but people are genuinely nice, the air is clean, and we see friends and neighbors every time we walk out our door.   The life our kids have here is a much different one than they would have had in the city – cleaner, safer, and more wholesome.

There are things we missed, for a while, after making the move.  We used to make a weekly jaunt to Costco, and were accustomed to popping over to Home Depot for any and every home improvement need.   Right now, I need some parts to fix a window screen and no one in town carries them.  We still make runs to Costco, but it’s a 2-3 hour drive (depending on which direction we decide to go) so we have to make a day of it and combine it with other errands, so it’s something that we only do every few months.  However, we’ve learned ways around our old habits, and  I’d like to make some of those things part of a future post.

Anyway, thanks for reading and following us in our journey!


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Launching our blog…

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